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February 2022

  • How to Select a Virtual Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

    The most valuable step is to decide what’s important to you and your small business, when searching for a Bookkeeper. Do you want someone you get along well with? Do you want their website to have witty repartee, or focus more on the bookkeeping? Do you want them to specialize in your industry? Are there…

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  • What Happens When You Don’t Know Where Your Company Money Is Going?

    o   If you ever need a loan, any financial statements you give to the bank or lender will likely be inaccurate. This means they may give you a loan you can’t really afford to pay back, or they may deny you when you should have been eligible. o   Lots of businesses are required to have…

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  • Is This A Business Or Personal Expense?

    When it comes to charges that were put onto a company card, whether it was a personal purchase or not, it should be added to the books. I always try to talk my clients out of using their business cards for personal expenses, but some of them are very serious when it comes to those…

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