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How To Avoid Getting Behind On Your Books

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How To Avoid Getting Behind On Your Books

Has this ever been you: The holidays have just come and gone, and you come to a realization…Tax time is coming!

You may have a shoebox of receipts or just your monthly account statements. Either way, you’re behind!

So you spend nights and weekends cramming to get everything done in time for your CPA. This means losing hours with your family, which for a lot of us is our reason why for going into business!

Avoiding getting behind can be your best option when it comes to saving you a headache (not to mention time and money) down the road!

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Here are a couple of quick tips to help keep you on track:

  1. Set a schedule! Set aside a specific time frame during the week or month to work on your books. Try to schedule it during a time when you don’t typically have as much going on. This will keep it manageable and bite-sized.
  2. If you don’t have your bank accounts linked in your accounting software, link them! This will save you the time you’d spend uploading your bank statements or manually entering your transactions. Worried about your information being linked? Quickbooks has levels of security in place to make sure your information is safe.
  3. Stay organized! Keep any papers you have (bills, receipts, etc.) in one place. If you receive these by email, set up a separate folder where you store everything together, so you don’t have to hunt around for it later on.



If you aren’t at a point where you can hire a bookkeeper, you aren’t alone. Just remember that spending a smaller amount of time here and there will help you avoid a ton of stress, save you time & money down the road.

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